about me


I grew up in a diverse family of Greek, American, Spanish and Russian influences. Early on I decided that I would like to go into the creative fields and my first choice, mainly due to limited choices in the Greek educational system, was to study architecture. Halfway, I decided that the way architecture was taught in Greece was not suitable for me and that I wanted to be able to move between scales, from that of a space to that of an object. I continued my studies in the United States, at the University of Minnesota where I graduated (2012) from the Design in Architecture department. After working as a freelance architect and designer for one year I decided to follow up with a master’s degree in the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where I received a Master of Social Design in 2015.  Most of the projects I work on focus around ideas of perception, illusion and spirituality as well as food and the social and political dimensions of it. I communicate the story through the use of video and performance. The objects that I design, I don’t consider products, but props that facilitate and guide the plot of the fictional narrative.


June 2015  Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven

2013-2015  Studying at Master of Social Design in DAE

2008-2011  Bachelor of Design in Architecture- University of Minnesota- Magna Cum Laude

2005-2008  Architecture studies in the polytechnic University of Patras. 


2012-2013 Working at Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis, architectural firm in Athens

2011-2012  Working as a Freelance designer


2015 Design Academy Eindhoven, Graduation show, Eindhoven >forthcoming

       ~ Onassis Cultural Centre, Adhocracy, Athens

2014 Van Abbe Museum, Arte Util, Eindhoven

       ~ food design exhibition at soul kitchen in Strijp S: DDW 2014

       ~ politics of food workshop- Dutch tomato crisis and the Russian embargo


Screen Mutations Project